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๐”ธโ„•โ„•๐•Œ๐”ธ๐•ƒ ๐”พ๐”ผโ„•๐”ผโ„๐”ธ๐•ƒ ๐•„๐”ผ๐”ผ๐•‹๐•€โ„•๐”พ - ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿœ ๐•†๐•”๐•ฅ๐• ๐•“๐•–r

Calling for nominations to the QRHA 2024 Management Committee and Notices of Motion from members.

It is people power that make clubs happen and we need you, our members, to give back to the sport you love by volunteering to join the 2024 QRHA Committee.

To nominate yourself or others, and/or propose a Notice of Motion - complete and submit the form found on our website -

Look forward to seeing you all at the AGM to be held at QSEC approximately 4pm following the Saturday 14 October Show.

Let's Rein๐Ÿด


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